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UPC offers build-to-print services on hardware composed of refractory, high-alloy nickels, precipitation hardened, and aged alloys, . Our CNC turning and milling team can fabricate custom prototype products or machine volume production. 

UPC integrates metals, composites, films, adhesives, rubber and additive materials through carefully manufactured and monitored processes for integration into critical systems.  UPC maintains strict oversight over all processes to achieve conformance and traceability required of aerospace quality systems.


Non-Metallic Seals

Super Alloy

CNC machine

Complex Assembly


Metallic Seals

  • Design, fabrication, assembly and test of seals, valves, burst discs and Belleville springs. Temperature, pressure, leakage, cycling, load & deflection testing onsite.
  • Analysis: Stress modeling: (FEA); Flow: (CFD)

Our high performance machined metal seals are designed and manufactured from superalloys and coated for low leakage.  UPC seals outperform elastomeric seals whenever higher temperatures, aggressive environments or gland deflection are requirements.  


burst discs 

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Our high precision burst disc assembly is often mated to a relief valve to conserve system pressure after an over-pressurization event.

We provide both custom and standardized solutions for space projects, industrial, commercial aerospace, and transportation systems. 

UPC seals machined from engineered plastics perform in low temperatures, valve applications, and critical environments. Our elastomeric seals are molded either stand-alone or to a metal alloy carrier.