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United precision Corp.

Discover our pioneering spirit!

UPC is founded on a mission: Use our pioneering spirit to provide the finest precision products and services to the world.
Since our founding, we are quickly becoming a market leader in supplying a customized, reliable, economical, and quality burst disc, rupture disc, and Belleville springs for high-criticality applications.

With the increased requirements related to the protection of man-rated systems and precious payloads, the need for high quality dual fault-tolerant devices in mission critical systems is higher than ever. Our precision products are a fundamental emergency pressure control component in: propellant tanks, environment control systems, cryogenic tanks, rotorcraft and aircraft fuel inerting systems, and many other systems requiring backup pressure relief.

Complementing our precision product lines are our precision services: Engineering Design, TIG lathe welding and Machining. Created from the necessity to structurally and hermetically seal burst disc assemblies, this service has expanded into the areas of sensors, valves, springs, diaphragms, rotary locks and many other welded assemblies.

Our customers expect experience and a solid understanding of aerospace and defense requirements in the design, delivery and support of their products. Our engineering expertise allows us to rapidly deliver products that consistently meet or exceed those expectations. When the cost of failure is unacceptable, it is time to discover how UPC can innovate a solution for you.

UPC is proud to maintain a small business atmosphere that offers superior customer service, flexibility and short lead times while having the expertise to complete customer requests to the highest quality standards.
Prior to founding UPC, the engineers and management have designed an impressive array of products for the partial list of customers below.

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